With content covering 40 different countries, our first issue in the International Year of Glass offers a truly global update of the glassmaking world.

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Featuring a series of exclusive industry figurehead interviews alongside an expanded technology section, selected highlights of the January/February issue include:


Hollow, flat and speciality glass market conditions in India, Italy, South Korea, Spain and USA.


  • La Opala - Ajit Jhunjhunwala (Managing Director).
  • Guardian - Guus Boekhoudt (Executive Vice President).
  • Gerresheimer - Gerry Wilkins (Senior Director for Sales & Marketing in USA and Canada).
  • Verescence - Thomas Riou (CEO).
  • Guardian - Rick Zoulek (Executive Vice President of Guardian Glass Americas).
  • Kaema Glass - Harris Hendraka (AFGM Chairman and COO of Kemasindo Ampuh).
  • Encirc / Armstrong – Adrian Curry (Encirc Managing Director) and Daniel Owen (CEO of The Armstrong Partnership).
  • Glass Futures - Aston Fuller (General Manager).
  • Glass Packaging Institute - Scott DeFife (President).
  • ANFEVI (Spanish National Association) - Karen Davies (Secretary General)


12 technical articles on cold end technology, hot end technology, inspection, melting and process control provide practical solutions to the everyday issues faced by glass professionals.


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